Rosa refuses to name drop the girl people, but describes them as the “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” according to Boyle’s demand

Rosa refuses to name drop the girl people, but describes them as the “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” according to Boyle’s demand

Meanwhile, Terry and you may Holt features determined the latest mystery voice from the radio tell you. Terry enthusiastically contacts along with his respond to. Yet not, he had been completely wrong. Terry apologizes so you’re able to Holt for wrangling your towards the a great frivolous game, although latter understands that he previously enjoyable. The guy enjoyed throwing away day on the some thing fruitless. How most not Holt away from your.

Next, we see Boyle is actually screwing Rosa having various concerns. Unfortuitously, the procedure decrease lacking profits. Boyle launches other means – the guy cravings Rosa to hold inverted because of the the girl base very blood have a tendency to hurry on the “decision making” part of their brain. Particularly an excellent bat!

Second, Jake interrogates the brand new activities athlete having Amy inside the tow. New bulb films to the, and you will Jake finds out one Gina was the real tattler. Gina finds out Jake and she shows you your second is actually supposed down a detrimental highway into the twelfth grade. Brandon would’ve generated Jake’s lifestyle infinitely bad. Including, Brandon is missing in the reunion since the he was to the parole and you will taboo to leave Delaware. Jake are irritated that have Gina to own enabling as the fresh scapegoat for two years. Perhaps not toight, nor is it noice.

BROOKLYN 9-Nine – “The fresh new Tattler” Event 603 – Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg because Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero given that Amy Santiago – (Images by the: Vivian Zink/NBC)

Afterwards, Holt with Terry, Hitchcock and Scully for the next round of one’s radio show video game. The guy can’t hold off to help you regale Kevin together with newfound degree – you to definitely having fun are going to be mindless. Introducing existence to your majority of the human being race, Holt.

Quinoa puts the newest kibosh on their dating through text

Up coming, Gina is actually talking to various other classmate in the investing this lady fake application idea. Regrettably, the guy does not want to remain working together together once finding that she is sleeping. Jake swoops from inside the and supply a splendid address raising all of our Linetti for the heavens. But said classmate also acknowledges that he are sleeping regarding the that have experience in startups.

At the same time, Rosa remains dangling upside-down. Boyle’s strategies are futile, and you may Rosa is actually zero procedures closer to determining who she wants to time. Boyle comments that the act essentially helps make the decision having Rosa. Therefore, Rosa commonly stick with Couscous. I like couscous more than quinoa anyways.

Rosa completely life style the girl information call at the fresh new open and you may examining the lady sexuality

Now, Jake and you will Gina are experiencing a speak. Jake apologizes for being upset which have Gina to your tattler portion. The guy realizes that she got their best interests at heart. Jake urges Gina to put this lady skills to better have fun with – quit this new 99th precinct. In the event that she wants to focus on her own team, she would be to work with one to. Gina takes Jake’s advice and you will vocally says her decision to quit the newest 9-9. My cardio is utterly busted, but I hope we shall pay attention to of Gina running her own empire as time goes by.

Season six try over to outstanding begin, and i also know Brooklyn 9-9 will keep one to energy heading. Personally i think as if brand new change in order to NBC was a minor refresher towards show alone. To start with, we understand you to Peretti will receive their swan song in the future. This is basically the very first time we are going to handle a major character deviation. Not to mention, there is certainly however brand new newly wedded couples lifetime of Jake and you can Amy so you can compete with. The choices try limitless. The following is assured we become to understand more about those people uncharted oceans from inside the Seasons 6!

Exactly how outlandish and you can fantastic do you consider Gina’s “swan tune” would be? Tend to Holt retaliate against Commissioner Kelly? These are Kelly, is that the term out-of Scully’s spouse or his canine? Join me personally in the future whenever i recap Brooklyn 9-Nine, here to your Geek Lady Power.


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