Re: Brand new Chateau Diaries and other chateau channels

Re: Brand new Chateau Diaries and other chateau channels

He’s likely homosexual therefore the method they play right up its flirting is quite strange

We like Michael, however, We concur that it’s just a bit of a mystery why their route can be so common considering the diminished posts, plus the films being quite humdrum compared to Stephanie’s. Say what you want, however, she along with her posse was entertaining to view (the vlogs, perhaps not the newest provide unwrapping, hence bores me to tears and you can helps make myself become even more uncomfortable). But, the fresh minions consume it up and keep asking when they are getting married. Please!

Interesting, now that you’ve told you they, will there be a crack there indeed. To-be fair, Michael is the one In my opinion exactly who informed her first off the Youtube route in the first place, therefore she will be forever pleased in order to your.

Can we discuss exactly how embarrassingly thirsty brand new minions is actually to own the latest men doing work Inmate dating online at the chateau? It’s past gross. Selmar, that gardener (that a wife and children), Michael, Oliver. Some body about comments penned that if they certainly were girls and you will a number of old boys perform perv over her or him anyone manage feel so grossed out, and i also concur. Question they see it perfect because of the age group of these viewers, a lot of them appear to be late 50s and right up.

Everyone loves this new kitchen in fact, I feel a huge strengthening this way may take specific desperate/camp decoration, however, I will entirely find others not liking they. There’s nothing historical in regards to the home improvements, she expenditures dated chairs however, nothing from it fits the building period(s), it’s just haphazard old blogs, a whole mix and you will match. I really like certain choices, someone else not really much, but what I really dislike is when they claim she actually is some kind of champion for running a personal, to own money organization out-of an arbitrary historical building. I feel talking about most of the Americans, that do not understand that France try plagued by chateaux, particularly in brand new Loire part, and there is not sufficient currency here to have governmental upkeep of all the of them. This in turn does mean not all of the chateau on the market was “over the years significant” otherwise Must be maintained. Of many had been entirely shed by the modernisation regarding genuine royal parents buying her or him, otherwise kept to decay. It is really not the government’s employment so you’re able to secure all dated building inside the Europe, i’ve numerous and tens of thousands of those who work in all city you to wasn’t bombed within the combat. It is far from as with the united states where every building over 100 years of age can be regarded as important hahah.

They irks us to no avoid that he and you may Stephanie pretend getting flirting/secretly several otherwise whatever, when he is so however homosexual that it is not even funny anymore

I just look for Michael fantastically dull. Many people possess said during the Stephanie’s movies regardless of if that they become you to definitely she actually could be a good lesbian that can is sensible. Who knows and extremely exactly who cares. I just don’t like when anyone are being inauthentic.

And you may sure the fresh new odd dehydrated statements try unusual lol. Selmar together with appears homosexual in my experience the thing is but maybe hes only a good western european hippy however, I actually do rating homosexual vibes for manly carpentry and you may tango, I recently have the vibes. In the event he’s gay or straight, the weird to state instance strange reasons for having him. The guy looks like an effective boy however, they are really not extremely attractive. really he isn’t You to glamorous. Their only entirely weird that they carry on regarding it into the the new statements and you can yeah Dan enjoys a girlfriend making sure that can make they twice as weird and perform some same thing more than Michael Potts, just who I really do imagine wil attract however, theres something out-of coping with your ex lover and you can coddling the woman, I decided not to deal with that. I really find Oliver the most attractive given that the guy appears the latest most fascinating and you will adult. Nick for the report handbags and you will packages, I have found ridiculous.


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