In which must i get intimate health guidance, today?

In which must i get intimate health guidance, today?

Am i able to has actually a sexually carried infection (STI)?

If you have got unsafe sex (rather than a condom), there can be a spin you can have caught a sexually transmitted disease (STI).

  • have not got periods, but are alarmed you might have an enthusiastic STI
  • enjoys symptoms, such a weird release
  • be one thing is incorrect

When you find yourself sexually active, often prevent making love or be sure to play with an effective condom if you do not get test outcomes and you can understand without a doubt whether or not or otherwise not you’ve got an enthusiastic STI.

If you do have an enthusiastic STI, having fun with good condom will help end passage they with the. Your intimate couples must also rating examined.

You can purchase free, confidential information and you will therapy from your own GP or specialist clinics for the your neighborhood, plus whenever you are around 16.

Most STIs can be easily addressed, so avoid being afraid of with a test and seeking you have an enthusiastic STI.

In my opinion I would personally feel pregnant

The first thing to carry out is learn needless to say by providing a pregnancy test. The sooner you will do that it, the better.

You will find several places where you can have a no cost pregnancy ensure that you get private guidance, regardless if you may be below sixteen.

  • birth control clinics (referred to as members of the family believed centers)
  • specific younger man’s qualities – label this new federal sexual health helpline into the 0300 123 7123 having information (Tuesday to help you Friday, 9am in order to 8pm, and you will Weekend break, 11am so you’re able to 4pm)
  • Brook centers – at ukrainian women vs russian women under-25s – check out the Brook website to have details
  • certain GP operations

I am expecting

Nevertheless might choose to take time final choice, which is why it is essential to find out if you happen to be expecting as soon as possible.

I have had intercourse without good condom

For those who have got sex instead of a great condom or perhaps the condom splits or arrives of, you will find a risk of one another maternity and you can STIs.

A very important thing doing is work rapidly. The latest less your act, the earlier you might end a pregnancy or get tested to have a keen STI.


  • take the crisis birth control tablet, both called the morning-once pill, to 72 era (3 days) otherwise 120 occasions (five days) immediately after having unprotected sex, with respect to the sort of tablet

Yet not, try to just take emergency birth prevention just before three days, otherwise have the coil suitable before 5 days. The sooner you’re taking they, the greater amount of energetic they shall be.

Talk to a nurse otherwise doctor within a center otherwise GP businesses on what sorts of birth control is right for you.


For those who have intercourse without a great condom and/or condom breaks or appear out of, you happen to be and at risk of getting an STI.

Should this happen and you are alarmed you may have trapped an enthusiastic STI, you can purchase confidential insight on the local area, together with free evaluation for STIs, at:


It may be effortlessly checked to own and you may evaluation is free and you can confidential at the a sexual wellness infirmary otherwise GP procedures.

You may also pick chlamydia investigations set to use yourself, that have totally free testing available on the internet to own 15- so you’re able to twenty-four-year-olds.

You will find lost to take my personal pill

So it depends on the sort you’re taking, just how many dosages you really have overlooked currently, as well as how of a lot tablets remain about packet.

When you yourself have difficulties recalling to take a capsule everyday, you can contemplate using some other type of birth-control, like the contraception implant, birth control injections otherwise IUD.

Usually treatment or becoming sick apply to my personal pill?

Particular drugs can possibly prevent the latest tablet working properly. Always pose a question to your doc otherwise pharmacist so you can help you about it if they are providing you with one medications.

I have already been forced on the intercourse

You can name the federal intimate fitness helpline 100 % free with the 0300 123 7123, Monday in order to Tuesday, 9am so you’re able to 8pm, Saturday and sunday, 11am so you’re able to 4pm. Your phone call might be addressed with awareness plus in strict confidence.

You may contact an intimate assault suggestion hub (SARC), where you are able to get specialist help and you will health care for those who was basically sexually attacked.

A sexual physical violence can happen anyplace, and of your home, which can be very likely to be done by someone your see unlike a complete stranger.


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