Publisher’s Selection honor: Lion Country Safari™ provides Florida partners & households an Up-Close check 1,000+ Animals

The brief Version: Lion nation Safari is regarded as South Fl’s a lot of cherished and distinctive tourist attractions. Since 1967, this playground has actually pleased visitors with drive-through and walk-through trips of the 600-acre creatures habitats. Lion Country Safari started as one of the first cageless zoos inside the U.S., and its animals keepers head to fantastic lengths to ensure the security and glee regarding the animals that reside here. Adventuresome partners and families may take a trip of Lion nation Safari to see giraffes, rhinos, wildebeest, and, however, lions wandering in big, naturalistic habitats.

May very well not think of the sunny coastlines of South Florida as lion area, but Lion nation Safari in Loxahatchee defies all expectations. This safari playground provides packs of lions, flocks of parrots, and herds of giraffes on their 600-acre territory.

Among its preferred and good-looking occupants is Cupid, a 14-year-old giraffe produced inside the playground on Valentine’s Day.

I suppose you could say Cupid wears his heart on his arm because he merely therefore goes wrong with have a heart-shaped spot on his shoulder. That recognizable mark helps site visitors pick him right out of the pack, and he’s not above making use of his group appeal to get some good additional lettuce during giraffe-feeding events.

Cupid is actually Lion nation Safari’s breeder bull giraffe, which means that the guy uses many his time, really, revealing the really love. Every baby giraffes you see on home are their offspring.

All in all, Cupid’s loving and playful personality charms every person just who satisfies him. You can get up close and private with him as well as 1,000 some other pets at Lion nation Safari.

In 1967, Lion nation Safari unwrapped because the first cageless zoo inside the U.S., and contains proudly maintained savannas, wetlands, jungles, along with other spaces where their animals can roam easily. The staff utilizes the landscape as all-natural limits to different terrains. Friends can walk-through or drive through these areas receive a look at 90+ types of mammals, reptiles, birds, and seafood.

“you’ll want to you to possess wide-open areas for our animals,” stated Haley Passeser, pr Associate at Lion Country Safari. “we’ve many biggest herds of giraffe and zebra on record from inside the U.S.”

Appreciate a Drive-Through Safari packed with Animal Encounters

The variety of pets at Lion nation Safari is really impressive. You can view a 90-year-old tortoise in one housing, after which identify a cockatiel inside the woods next. Gates available quickly at 9:30 a.m. every day, and also the creatures are on trips at the same time. Professional tip: the animals keepers point out that rainy days are now actually among the best times to consult with because a lot of pets enjoy the wet weather condition.

Lion Country Safari provides both walk-through and drive-through experiences for 1 dull entry price, so site visitors may take circumstances at their rate and view pets physically or through the protection regarding automobiles. The staff suggests using an audio concert tour along if you should be striking out independently. Plus, Lion Country Safari provides an app with more information relating to the playground and its own pets.

“You never know what you’re probably see when you go out there,” Haley stated. “once you carry out the drive-through and walk-through experiences, it really is as you’re acquiring two areas for 1 price.”

Lion Country Safari arranges VIP trips and special occasions all year round. These special experiences consist of close-up wildlife experiences and specialty trips. The Giraffe decorating Encounter is an original event in which visitors choose three colors and enjoy because giraffes make an abstract paint by keeping the brushes in their lips. Friends get the completed artwork as a souvenir.

Exhibit talks are intriguing and informative activities at Lion Country Safari. You can learn more about particular pets while the caretaking involved with causing them to happy and comfy. The animals keepers also highlight the importance of preservation.

During Animal Theater Presentations, a pet expert brings aside an amiable animal and inform you all you might would like to know about it. This is outstanding community forum for animal fans to inquire of concerns and discover something totally new.

Whether you are giving a friendly giraffe or snapping photographs of a herd of zebras, you can trust Lion nation Safari to supply an unforgettable, family-friendly knowledge on every check out.

Delivering the African Savannah to Florida’s Backyard

In 1967, Lion Country Safari made statements by opening the very first cageless zoo in Florida. A group of entrepreneurs wished to generate website visitors feel like these were hiking through Africa and seeing creatures within their natural habitat. It was an ambitious program, but it eventually turned into a big success.

Florida’s hot weather is ideal for the playground’s lions, rhinos, chimpanzees, zebras, and giraffes. These pets have thrived here and already been the centerpiece of a four-mile drive-through safeguard.

The creators had a sight to create a beautiful spot that will make African safaris much more available to US vacationers, and that is what Lion Country Safari did.

Since it has exploded popular, Lion nation Safari features broadened to incorporate a petting zoo, an aviary, a reptile home, a h2o sprayground, present shops, campgrounds, along with other walkable tourist attractions to amuse friends nicely. Over 50 personnel presently care for the creatures within habitats or at an on-site veterinarian healthcare facility, as well as over 200 men and women work with Lion Country Safari.

“As a team, most of us have different backgrounds, but most of us get together to produce this place because great as it can be,” Haley stated. “it can take many people to run a business like Lion nation Safari.”

For over 50 years, Lion Country Safari provides sent jaw-dropping and eye-opening places to visitors of every age group and experiences. People come right here to see an African safari without having to travel halfway around the globe. It’s the potential for a very long time, and this also wild background produces some pretty intimate and memorable times.

a Wild spot for a Proposal, celebration or Daytime Date

Since it started on public during the sixties, Lion nation Safari has gotten rave reviews. “What enjoyable we had,” said Mary, who moved from Indiana to remain during the campground and just take a safari. “The emphasize had been in a position to hand-feed the attractive giraffes. We have not witnessed a lot of pleased confronts, such as our personal.”

Lion nation Safari has gained a 4.5 celebrity rating on TripAdvisor, and it’s detailed given that # 1 course of action in Loxahatchee. “I powered through Lion Country Safari several occasions and always get in the same way excited as very first time,” stated one reviewer. “every time varies. If we had two rhinoceros securing horns in front of the car.”

A lot of travelers and day-trippers drop by the safari to see one thing they can’t see everyday. Some lovers actually decide to commemorate wedding anniversaries, make surprise proposals, and on occasion even hold their own wedding events as of this crazy destination.

“When we began preparing our wedding, we realized we wanted something celebrated the passion for character,” said Valerie, whom partnered her now-husband David at Lion nation Safari. “Everyone had a very good time, and that I have some great photographs and thoughts of my personal special wedding ceremony. Individuals are nevertheless speaking about it.”

Haley mentioned she remembered one unique proposal where the personnel organized a personal concert tour therefore the sweetheart had his kids pull-out signs that read “are you going to marry us?” The bride-to-be had been entirely amazed and joyfully stated yes.

“Not everybody becomes that form of proposition,” Haley said. “Lion Country Safari is a good possible opportunity to do something different and also this touching moment making use of entire household.”

Lion nation Safari features a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Anyone who visits Lion nation Safari can easily see exactly what an extraordinary place it is actually. From the moment you walk-in and hear squirrel monkeys chattering or lions roaring, you really have an immersive animal knowledge that you can’t find any place else from inside the concrete jungles of Southern Florida.

Partners can address on their own to a special go out exploring the flatlands and strolling tracks and taking-in the incredible sights. Whether you are eating Cupid a head of lettuce or enjoying a herd of wildebeest find your path, Lion nation Safari is full of unforgettable views and noise.

Animals training and preservation is at the heart of the things Lion Country Safari really does. Haley informed all of us the group’s goal should convince youngsters, youngsters, and adults to fall obsessed about the animals here and also to carry a larger appreciation the amazing diversity of animals sharing our planet.

“we wish to promote associations between people and creatures, and we would you like to foster associations between men and women and folks,” she stated. “That’s important to you.”

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