Euphoria’s Angus Cloud Shares What Fez’s Season 2 Letter To Lexi Said

So until we study more about Cloud’s courting life, followers have the go-ahead to proceed thirst-tweeting concerning the actor — which they have been going to do anyway. The idea of a romance between Lexi and Fez has the potential to reinforce the storylines of both characters. As the chilly open of the Euphoria season 2 premiere confirmed, Fez has not had an easy life.

In the audience, Rue retains wanting over at Jules, Cassie and Nate are extremely uncomfortable with the content unraveling before them, and Maddy and Kat snort extra as the play progresses. “I imply, I do not wanna spoil anything, but I assume it is just very refreshing when the connection feels so like harmless and candy, like in the final episode they do not even kiss,” she defined. “They simply maintain palms, and it’s building actually slowly. And I suppose in contrast to lots of the things that occur on the show that are so extreme, it positively stands out.” While she will be in a position to’t give much away concerning the finale episode (airing Feb 27), Maude then went on to tease what she hopes will occur with Lexi and Fez’s relationship in season three.

‘euphoria’ season 2 star and fezco actor angus cloud posted photos to twitter with lexi actor maude apatow

Whenever Kelso was hanging out with his friends, with out Jackie around, he would typically complain about her or discuss badly about her behind her again. Boyfriends who love their girlfriends do not badmouth their girlfriends in this way. If you need me, I’ll be replaying YouTube montages of Fez and Lexi’s scenes together and pretending that everything’s nice. “Ash is fucking lifeless, Fez never made it to the play [and] Lexi doesn’t know why. Man[,] fuck Sam Levinson,” mentioned a fan on Twitter because the episode wrapped up. Cluster deliberate on framing Fez for the homicide of one other drug supplier and referred to as a SWAT group on their location.

Are fez and lexi dating in real life? here’s the place angus cloud and maude apatow stand

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 featured extra Fez and Lexi — and followers can’t get enough. Lexi is the less-dramatic one within the family, as Cassie’s life is dominated by the love triangle between herself, Maddy, and Nate. Fez offers medicine, but it’s clear he has a gentle side and likes hanging out with Lexi. Fez actor Angus Cloud posted photos to Twitter that had fans talking. As for Cloud, the actor doesn’t seem to be publicly dating anyone.

‘euphoria’ season 2 episode 7 features fez supporting lexi’s play

Perhaps artwork can imitate right again once more and give them a happy ending? Then once more, given Euphoria’s thirst for darkness of late, maybe that’s the thousand yard stare of a man who knows his days are numbered. Hopefully, most of those questions and more might be answered as Season 2 continues on HBO.

Surely Euphoria wouldn’t be so merciless as to take the one actually pure coronary heart on the show and crush it to pieces earlier than our eyes? The actor who plays Fez on the show can additionally be relationship the actress Maude Apatow. Both actors have been in relationships up to now but keep their relationships very private. Maude additionally shared her relationship to Charlie Christie, her expertise manager.

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