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Every dating website features its own spin from the internet dating profile format. Inside collection, We’ll talk about many different profile types and how you’ll create your absolute best profile for the certain service., an element of the Spark Networks category of adult dating sites, is targeted on matching Jewish (and Jewish-friendly) singles.

JDate’s profile is actually four tabs: Tips, life, passions, and union.


Listed here is in which your own About me part goes. Just a part (perhaps two!) is important here giving folks a taste of who you are and what you perform. The intention of this part should intrigue people into calling you, to not dish yourself story. Be fascinating, but short.

Lifestyle & Interests

No sentences to complete right here, only things to select or not identify.

Be careful whenever choosing checkboxes for your character. Your idea of “persistent” is likely to be that it takes you a little while become convinced to eat at a bistro. Your own prospective match may read it as “will challenge myself on every little thing and also make my life unhappy” because that’s exactly what their unique ex’s flavor of “stubborn” happened to be. Tread very carefully.


You will find four optional sentences within area. There are numerous SIGNIFICANT barriers within these, therefore browse very carefully which means you can prevent them:

My perfect union:

Discover for which you describe the design of connection need. Think in terms of the type tasks you may like to carry out together with your future companion. “I’m looking men which loves a lengthy stroll after-dinner so we can burn up treat while we chat.” or “she actually is the type of lady exactly who constantly thinks of the little things that I would forget – like maintaining extra Lactaid products in her handbag thus I need not skip from cool Stone!” You should not mention the scary “m” word – monogamy. The majority of people agree that it is best, and are usually kinda put-off by seeing you flat-out demand it.

My personal past interactions:

Do not fill out this question. Seriously, it attracts a lot of negativity. Should you need to complete it, point out the positive qualities of previous relationships. For instance, “all of my personal ex’s has taught me anything interesting. Due to Dave, I am able to follow a football online game. Because of Daniel, I’m sure how to rollerblade (and think it’s great!). Due to Justin, i’ve an urge to return to college and get my PhD!”

I am looking for a:

Here is the section where you could list the characteristics of the person you may like to date. Be certain about character, but leave the facts of appearance, job, etc away. Concentrate on the brand of individual, perhaps not the particulars.

My personal great first day:

Your choice here. The things I’d suggest is pointing out somewhere or activity you may like to try but haven’t yet. That provides the prospective match recommended of one thing to speak to you about in their first email. “this might seem crazy, but i truly would like to try that new burger place on Long Street. It’s not truly a fancy basic day, but i truly like a juicy hamburger! allows you to have four photographs. One image should really be a close-up of the face, one full human body shot, and two of one’s selecting (class chance, action try, another close-up, etc).

All the best . together with your JDating! Next inside the series… OkCupid pages!

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